Wednesday, March 31, 2010

As you may have heard...

As you made have heard, the GWC has been canceled, and Dustin MoonCatcher, the best wizard in the spiral, has given me control over it. But, there is one problemo. I dont think I can handle it! The Resistance was a pretty small "council", and we would only pvp, farm for lame noob stuff to help newbies, trade cards, help, ect. But the GWC! Wow, thats huge! One of my GWC friends, and one of my V.I.P.s around here, Chase Willowweaver, also my main knight, has been part of the resistance, and the GWC (So has Amber Stargem), any pointers? Also, Ronan just shocked my with news! He used to be on the GWC, but his computer was broken, and he got kicked off, which was sad. And a question to Dustin, do I like, have the old members of the GWC, or do I have to re-hire them?
Thanks, (I feel guilty saying this, it beening so soon, but I just want to try it) Highmaster of the Merlin's Resistance Organization (I couldnt say it, its too soon!)


  1. GWC? OVER? :( That stinks :(.

  2. No, you can choose member's at your own will. They don't need to be the ones that I picked. Thanks for the complements and for carrying on the traditions of the GWC.

  3. Is this blog still active?