Friday, April 2, 2010

New name

I decided to change my name to something easier to say. Instead of Pallamas, you all can call me The Royal Pain, or TRP. Now, onto the GWC, I have 2 choices for my Vice Highmaster, but I cant decide! One of them, will laugh in ******* face if ***** gets it, and ***** gets it, ****** will get crazy upset. ******, dont comment on this post, just post if you were on the grand wizard council and you think you would make a good Vice Highmaster/Vice HighMisteress.
The Royal Pain, Out!


  1. Cool... Check out my blog here:

  2. Ummmmmmm probably I wouldn't make the best vicehighmistress, but I was on the GWC before and I like llamas.

  3. Kestrel is winning so far! GO LLAMAS!

  4. I kinda Want to Rejoin....

    and I do like The LLama Song on youtube...

    Well IDK think about it

  5. GO LLAMAS! David, sure you join Rejoin, I might just end the competition right here. Yea, HE'S BACK! But now your Vice Highmaster ;D This is TRP btw.